Lepsik Norbert Photography

Lepsik Norbert Photography

I’m Norbert Lepsik, a university student based in Budapest, Hungary, who’s always bringing the camera with himself to anywhere. I started photography at 2012, but I’m working with it seriously from two years. Over the years I’ve been searching the way, to find the style I like the best. My unique look is due to the use of the colours and to always find the greatest perspectives.

For me, this is not just a profession, but a passion, really close to my heart. My most loved theme is the urban environment, cliché photography, with milder, more passionate colours. I like challenges and I always accept the various requests with great joy and energy, representing them in a detailed, inspiring way.

My unique style can be ideal for any occasion. I’m looking forward to see your interests in direct messages.

© Lepsik Norbert, 2018

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